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Love Words



The Love Words project is a typography series created over the month of February 2021 as a visualization of the many meanings of "love", its various forms, and the important lessons we need to learn surrounding love. 

Love is the beautiful flower grown from a seed nurtured with trust, respect, work, and patience. Without these, and many other factors, real love cannot truly grow. It takes lots of time and effort for this seed to sprout and lots more for it to bloom. 

Nurture love and it will bloom. 

Rule #1

Rule 1

Loving yourself is an important lesson a lot of people fall short of. It's something so simple in thought but in practice sometimes can be so hard. Just as it is important to nurture the love you have for those around you, the love we have for ourselves is just as important.

This design is a gentle reminder for those who sometimes can fall short on taking care of their mental and physical health, for one reason or another. You move through many different loves in your life and care for so many people, but there is only one of you, and only one life to live.

Find time for self-love and care.

The Weight of Love

Weight of Love

It is true, that love sometimes feels as if you are weightless, floating around in a sea of ecstasy and bliss, but it also has its weights. It is the heavy pressure of who pays the bill, or the arguments you have with friends or family. These are the things that sometimes love carries the weight of. But it doesn't have to crack from the weight it bears.

Strong love can bounce back and reshape from these experiences, growing because of it. As musician Kelly Clarkson once sang, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Real love does not crack from the weight it bears, instead, it grows stronger.

Love Moves

Love Moves

We move through many loves in our lives. It changes constantly, year by year as grow older, and by the time we reach the end, we may not be surrounded by the same people whom we loved and cared for many years ago. Romantically, it isn't common to fall in love after the first go around. Platonically, people shift, change and evolve as we grow, coming in and out of our lives.

It is a hard truth but an important one. This piece stresses the importance to value these relationships as they come into our lives and making the most of them. Though it is true paths may cross and people who seemingly have faded away can come back into our lives, these are important lessons to learn.

Love Moves.

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