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Green River

greenriver square-02.png


It is important that brands go under visual changes as they grow throughout the years. Keeping up with design trends and modernizing is extremely important for keeping your brand relevant and on the map.

Green River is a brand synonymous in the midwest, with its roots tracing back to Chicago. Since its conception in 1919, Green River hasn't gone under many major redesigns and has mostly relied on its nostalgia factor to keep its popularity with the older generations.

I felt that it was time to give Green River its redesign and pull its design strategy and branding into the modern era and shift its marketing towards a younger audience & generation. While nostalgia plays an important part in the popularity of Green River, it cannot be fully relied on. 



I felt that it was important to not only redesign the two flavors Green River currently offers: Original and Diet but also create a various number of other flavors that paired well with Green River's original taste. 

From this concept, I conducted a mini-experiment in which I paired each of these unique flavors with Green River and conducted a taste test. From the test came the four additional flavors listed above.


I wanted to convey a modern and energetic feel with the cans' design. Waves guide your eye through the packaging, creating a sense of motion in the design. The intersections of these different colored waves read to the consumer that this is not just a "cherry pop" or a "vanilla pop", but a combination of the original lime flavor of Green River and the flavor illustrated on the can. 


Its bright and saturated colors are sure to attract any eye to them on the shelf, drawing consumers in to see what's new with Green River. 

Print Ads

Print Ads

Ads are loud. Ads get stuck in your head like an itch you just have to scratch. My goal was to be loud in my marketing strategy for my Green River redesign. I wanted to convey that Green River was back in a bold way, which is where the I DARE YOU campaign began. 

With the addition of the new flavors, I felt that it was important to make an advertisement that tempted the consumer to try them all and find their new favorite flavor. It would create curiosity and generate hype around the new flavors and redesign as I included a hashtag for consumers to use when they post about the new and improved Green River: #findyourflavor. 

Digital Ads

Digtal Ads

Social media was also a very important area to cover for marketing. Green River never had a strong social media presence and I felt that was important to change, as we have moved to a relatively web-based culture and that would be where Green River would find a majority of new consumers in their new update demographic.

I wanted to convey that this wasn't the old Green River that the midwest has seen since 1919, and really showcase the Green River's new and improved look. The Ad gets to the point rather quickly, making it easily digested by internet viewers. 

Limited Time Offer

Spirit of Chicago Can.jpg

As a monument to celebrate over 100 Years of Green River, this limited-time can design for Raging Orignal can be purchased I have titled: The Spirit of Chicago. This can celebrate Green River's roots in Chicago and is the celebration of the city itself. 

For this mini-campaign, the new and improved Green River logo is slightly updated, using the Windy City's official typeface: Big Shoulders. The logo still visually conveys the same energy and fun as the redesigned logo but ties the limited time can design to the city, creating a unique collectible can for people to buy.

In a short Tiktok ad showcasing this limited-time offer, the marketing campaign for this piece my branding project references other pieces of media that are synonymous with Chicago, which plays on Green's River's most popular tool in its arsenal: nostalgia. 

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