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TYpe animals

There are more than 7 million different species of animals spread across 7 continents, 5 oceans, and almost 194 countries. The Type Animals project is directly inspired by the animals that inhabit the Earth, both living and extinct, and what we can learn about them for the goal of Conservation, Preservation, and Education!

This series of educational typographic "illustrations" give a bite-size look at the anatomies of various species and classifications of animals across the Earth. Each piece of their body is detailed with its name and shaped to that part. Due to the sheer amount of species on Earth, this series is virtually limitless in its possibilities and avenues, so this is an ongoing series. 

Nature in Action

Nature is not static, but a living breathing entity. So, the next logical step for this project was to put the animals into motion! I felt that this would breathe a little more life into the project and the typographic "illustrations" themselves to bring an interesting new avenue into the Type Animals project. Along with the original type animal, there is the new inclusion of the specified animals' native biome.

This part of the project is an exploration of animation and motion in graphic design. Animation allows the user to connect with the design in a whole new way.  

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