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Purdue Space Day


Perseverance. It's a part of the American Spirit. Throughout our long and storied history, perseverance has stood at the center of the American history. That has not changed today. 

In July of 2020, the Perseverance Rover launched and began its journey towards the red planet: Mars from Cape Canaveral. On February of 2021, that rover made its descent into Mar's atmosphere and landed. And now today, scientists have their sites on colonization, hoping to bring a whole new generation to the red planet.

I had the honor to make the logos for Purdue's past two annual 'Space Day' events, in which children from all over the country come in to learn more about space and aeronautics. I modeled the logo after the colorful patches that astronauts wear so that when it was printed onto a shirt, it would appear as if they were wearing the 'patch' for their own space program.

Event Photos

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I, unfortunately, was unable to attend the 2021 event and take photographs. But because of some of the connections I had made at Purdue and through social media, I was able to obtain a few photos from the event from the live stream and from attendees of the event.


It is truly amazing to see so many children excited to learn about science from Purdue at such a young age. I am completely honored to have been even a small part of this event.


You can check out more of these photos on Instagram or watch the full live stream replay of the 2021 event on Youtube. Photo Credits to @prowland247 @purdue_seds and @purduespaceday on Instagram for the photos.

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