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Tip Toe Thru Town

Tulip Straight on_edited.jpg

Tulips are some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, even after the harshest of Winters. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, causing businesses, schools, and even government centers to shut down, causing many to lose their jobs and their lifestyles forever, though not all had suffered the same fate. After a long year, things began to slowly open again, and it seemed as if life was starting to get back on track, it seemed that the harsh winter was finally subsiding.

This is was the philosophy of Munster Indiana's Civic foundation when coming up with the idea of their next project: a public art display that involved the participation of the community. These 5ft tall tulip sculptures that I had the great honor to design and model will be set up around town, purchased by businesses and painted by other local artists, to be displayed for Munster Citizens and others alike to explore and admire as they Tip-Toe through town.

ORiginal Sketches

Spread Prde

Part of the process of modeling the final tulip sculpture for the city of Munster was the sketching process. I came up with three different sketches of possible sculpture ideas for the civic foundation to choose from. Our main concern was that of drainage and stability for the tulips, as they stand outside, so we wanted a unique and interesting design solution for this potential problem.

The final sketch chosen solves these problems by creating a unique wrapped-around "leaf base" for stability, with smooth surfaces and slopes for the water to naturally slide off of the tulip and into the grasses or drains below it. 

a community united

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